SEND - Working with Families

At Bridlewood Primary School we know that all parents and carers want the best for their children and hope they will be happy and achieve their potential at school. We believe that success in the education of our pupils depends, at least in some part, on how parents, carers and school work together and this is particularly so when a child has additional needs.

Parents and carers know their children best and we want to take into account your views and experience to increase the effectiveness of any provision put in place for the child.

If you have worries or concern about your child, do not hesitate to talk to the class teacher. If they feel that your child may have educational needs, they will then liaise with Bridlewood's special educational needs and/or disabilities coordinator (SENDCo). The SENDCo may then arrange a meeting with you, observe your child in class or contact outside agencies for support.

1. Speak to class teacher about any concerns or worries or the teacher may arrange a meeting with you if they have any concerns or worries

2. With your consent, the class teacher will liaise with the SENDCo

3. The SENDCo will observe your child in class and then arrange a meeting with you to discuss your child's needs

4. Your child may be given an "Passport for Learning" to support their learning school. This will be monitored throughout the year and you and your child will meet with the teacher at least three times a year to review the targets and support.

5. If your child has more specific needs, the SENDCo may refer your child to be assessed by another professional. This could be one of the following:

  • - Educational Psychologist
  • - Speech and language team
  • - Behaviour support
  • - Occupational therapist
  • - Advisory and outreach autism support service
  • - Targeted mental health service (TaMHs)
  • - Specific learning difficulties support
  • - Hearing or visual impairment support
  • - School nurse

6. You will be kept up to date with any referrals and any notes of visits will be shared with. Actions will then be put in place as suggested and be reviewed regularly.