SEND - Transition

Starting School

Starting school is an exciting time for both children and parents, with a lot of information and new routines to learn, it can be quite a challenging time.

If your child has additional needs, please do not hesitate to contact the school to inform us so that we can ensure we have the support in place to help your child's transition to school as smooth as possible.

We have worked closely with the Swindon Portage team in previous year to ensure children with special educations needs settle in to Bridlewood smoothly and additional visits and transition days have been organised when needed.

Support services in Swindon are very good at liaising with us if a child joins which is having additional support from them. However, it is very helpful if you can let us know if your child does have any educational or medical needs so we can ensure all information is passed on to your child's teacher and relevant support services can be contacts.

Moving on to Secondary School

We believe it is very important to prepare all of our pupils for their transition to secondary school at the end of year six. This is a challenging time for all children and their families, but we understand that it can be a particularly worrying time for children who need extra support or have additional needs. We have worked very hard to make sure our support for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities meets their needs well and we liaise very closely with parents and carers to ensure they get the support they need at this time in their child's life.

If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP or Statement of educational needs) a transition meeting will take place whilst your child is in year five. Other professions who may be involved and colleagues from secondary schools come together to discuss the particular provision that your child will need. Once a placement has been agreed for your child, through the admissions services, additional transition days could be arranged to help support your child with their move to secondary school.

In year six, we offer parents and carers of all children with special educational needs and/or disabilities an opportunity to discuss secondary placements. Again, additional transition days can be arranged if we feel that your child would benefit from this.

As the special educational needs and/or disability coordinator (SENDCo), I liaise closely with all secondary school that will be having our pupils. Your child's needs are discussed so that the secondary school can ensure they have everything in place ready to help your child settle in to their new school smoothly. All appropriate paperwork is passed on to the school and outside agencies are informed of which school your children will be attending to try and to ensure continuity of support.