SEND - Support Staff & Outside Agencies

All staff at Bridlewood Primary School are teachers of children with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Teachers and teaching assistances are given training relevant to needs within our school including ASD awareness training and behaviour management.

Our SEND Team

SEND Coordinator - Mrs Smith

It is my role to monitor and organise provision for children with special educational needs and disabilities at Bridlewood. I work closely with parents, teachers and teaching assistants to offer support and guidance as well as arranging and co-ordinating help and provision for pupils with special educational needs in school. This may involve liaising with outside agencies and making referrals for additional support.

SEND assistant - Mrs McKendrick

Mrs McKendrick works closely with the SEND coordinator to help with arranging and take minutes at meetings, making referrals and liaising with parents when needed.

SEND teaching assistants

At Bridlewood primary we have a team of SEND teaching assistants who have been appointed to work alongside pupils who need a personally tailored curriculum. Their role is to ensure the pupils they work with are able to access the curriculum and have the support they need to be fully included at Bridlewood. They regularly attend relevant training courses and liaise closely with the SEND coordinator.

SEND Governor - Mrs C Barker

I have regular contact with the SEND coordinator and the Leadership Team of the school to keep up-to-date with, and monitor the school's SEND provision. As special educational needs and/or disability governor I do my best to make sure pupils with SEND get the help they need to access the curriculum and to participate fully in the life of the school. I am the link between the governing body and the school in relation to pupils with SEN. Together we work together to implement the school's policy for pupils with SEND and ensure that parents have confidence in this provision.

Here are some of the other professionals that may be involved in supporting your child:

Susan Pollock - Educational Psychologist
Ann Forrester - Speech and language support
Emilie Dean - Targets mental health support (TAMHs)
Shelia Hanson - Visual impairment support
Cate Sargent - Parent support advisor

Other agencies who are, or have been, involved with pupils at Bridlewood primary school:

  • Behaviour support team
  • ASD support team
  • Hearing impairment support
  • Occupational therapy
  • School nurse
  • Pediatrians
  • Portage team