School Meals

Menu for 23rd September 2019 until 19th October 2019

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Menu for 21st October 2019 until 25th November 2019

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Meal Booking Notice

Please note school meals can only be ordered and paid for through ParentPay. The school office is unable to accept menu orders directly.

The kitchen can only prepare enough meals for the children that have lunch ordered. If your child does ask for a meal at lunchtime, which has not been ordered for them, the kitchen staff will provide them with a sandwich. You will still be charged for this if you pay for your meals. We do remind parents every week that they must order meals for the following week to ensure their child has a meal booked.

Please may we remind you that it is the parent's responsibility to ensure their child has the food they like and not the school's. Continually non booking of meals is causing destress to the children involved, which no-one likes to see. As a school we want your children to be happy here and would appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

All meal booking is now made via our parentpay system (please click on link provided).

Meals must be booked by midnight Thursday for the following week's lunches, irrespective if you pay for meals or not. Term- time only.

Pay for your dinners online:

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General Allergen Information

For a full list of allergen information from the Food Standards Agency Click Here

Nut Allergies

In Bridlewood we have always had a nut free school because we have a small number of children who are highly allergic to nuts. Recently some children have brought nuts in their packed lunches. We would be very grateful if you could leave out nuts or peanut butter in sandwiches as even proximity to nuts could trigger anaphylactic shock for some of our children.

nut allergy

Food Hygiene Rating

We are delighted to announce that for a fifth year our kitchen and catering facilities have been awarded a 5* Rating following an unannounced inspection by the Food Standards Agency in September 2017.

fsa rating of 5

"Yummy, scrummy and worth the money!" - This is one child's review of school dinners at Bridlewood.

Mrs Webb and Mrs Lloyd, who have worked in the Bridlewood kitchen for many years, have been working hard to make sure the children (and adults) at Bridlewood have wholesome home-cooked dinners. This year the menus and cooking are all worked on in Bridlewood. The price of a school dinner is the same as last year, but we are all working hard to improve the quality. Because we have no outside contractors, we do not aim to make a profit, but to provide a really good service.

Because the menus are written by the people who know the children, we can provide healthy meals and know what is most likely to appeal to most children. We've tried out some new ideas and we are asking the children what they think.

The parent survey of dinners, back in the summer term, showed that the biggest concern was the portion size. To give you a realistic picture of exactly what your children are eating, we will post regular photos of someone's school dinner.

We will also post the children's honest reviews of what they eat.

kitchen staff