Our Mission

Bridlewood is committed to securing the best for and from its pupils by shaping, guiding and developing the children and giving them every opportunity to achieve and be the best that they can be. We create an environment that encourages confident and enquiring children who participate fully in the world around them with strong moral, social, spiritual and cultural awareness. We inspire and motivate our children to become independent learners and achieve outstanding progression, maximising pupil achievement through a rich and motivating curriculum fit for the 21st Century. We actively encourage the involvement of parents/carers and the community in building strong partnerships with our school. As a small school we all know and care for each other; we are a very close community. We promote healthy choices and physical activity both within and across the curriculum. We all have pride in our achievements and are proud of our school. We aim to be recognised as the outstanding school of choice for the local area and a place highly regarded by the children, parents/carers and the local community

Our Vision

To inspire and encourage achievement through learning. That children, staff, parents/carers and the community work actively in partnership to enable children to achieve the following aims and for all children to reach their full potential.
We aim for all members of our school community to:

a) Aim high and keep trying
b) To have a love of learning
c) Feel safe and valued as part of a caring community
d) Value effort as well as achievement
e) Be independent as well as work together as part of a team
f) To be curious and active learners
g) Be confident enough to take risks and learn from their mistakes
h) Be able to listen to others and respond with ideas of their own
i) Be polite and respect everyone’s values and beliefs
j) Care about where we live
k) Have equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of ability