Helping at Home

Topical Presentations

From time to time we host parent presentation evenings to provide information on school topics such as specific subject related guidance, SATs/examination related information and also sessions for new starters in our reception year. The presentations are also made available here in case you can't attend in person or you just need a refresher.

Also see 2017 KS1 Meeting Notes to support presentation below

Helping at Home - Spelling

Below are the spelling list for each year group. Throughout the year your child will be learning these spellings in school and will be tested on them weekly. With our big push on spelling this year, the school council created a leaflet to help parents and children be more creative when practising their spellings at home. They asked each class to share their ideas and came up with some very fun ways to making learning their spelling more exciting.

Click Here to see the Spelling Leaflet!

Useful Information

Maths Apps

An app is a type of software that allows you to perform specific tasks. Applications for desktop or laptop computers are sometimes called desktop applications, and those for mobile devices are called mobile apps.

Search the web or your preferred App Store for the following:

king of maths
math match
number snap
number bonds 100
number bonds 10

Your Child and the Internet

Are you worried about your child and the internet? Here's some advice from Parent Link. It will only take couple of minutes to watch. Watch it here


Regular attendance at school is important to your child if they are to benefit from the learning opportunities provided. If your child does not attend school regularly he/she may not be able to keep up with his/ her work. This will have a serious impact on opportunities in later life.

Help Your Children to Learn

Make the most of parents evenings by reading this guide