General Information

School Prospectus

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School Opening Times

The school gates open at 8.40am so that the children can be seated in their classrooms by 8.50am.
The school lunch period is from 11.55am until 12.55pm.
School finishes at 3.15pm. The gates will open at 3.10pm for you to collect your children.

Preparing Your Child for School

Many parents ask how to prepare their child for school. We hope the following information will be helpful.

Praise is very important to give children self-confidence, more is achieved through praise than by grumbling! Encourage your children to help you with ordinary everyday tasks. Give them the opportunity to use pencils, crayons, paints, scissors and play dough. All these activities are developing skills in your child on which we can build, long before they come to school.

Children will need to undress and dress themselves for PE, so encourage them to put on their own clothes, do up buttons and zips and put on socks and shoes. Teach them to take reasonable care of their belongings. At school we expect children to tidy up in the classroom - encourage your children to get into the habit of tidying up their own toys. It is important that children can go to the toilet on their own, operate the flush and wash their hands. Encourage children to use a handkerchief (or tissue) and always to have one in their pocket. Children should be able to use a knife, fork and spoon to eat their lunch.

At school your child will meet and play with other children. If they are already used to chatting, sharing and waiting their turn with other children, perhaps at pre-school, this will be a great help.

Talk and listen to your children about the things they do and see. This is the foundation of language which we build on in school. Look at books together, talk about what might happen next, name things in the street and when you are out in the car. This kind of experience is far more useful preparation for school than the more formal teaching of reading, writing and number skills, although there is no harm in children acquiring these skills through play before they come to school.

Parents with children starting in Reception are given a small booklet called "Coming to School" which gives them essential information about this important time.

Above all, help your children to look forward to going to school - tell them about all the opportunities there will be for painting, drawing, making models, looking at books, listening to stories, making new friends, etc. Children want to grow up and be independent and it is important for you to encourage this.

Later On

As the children move through school and develop their independence, parents will step back from their supervisory role in ensuring that everything is ready for school each day. However, even in year six, we value the support parents give in checking PE kit is in school on the right days, reading bags brought home and homework completed. Taking an interest in topics could involve a visit to a museum or library.

Pastoral Care and Discipline

Everybody is encouraged to care for and help others in all capacities. Children are taught to care for and respect other people's property. The few rules we do have involve self-discipline and common sense and are agreed by all to ensure the safety and tolerance necessary in any school.

Travel to school

We are keen to promote walking and cycling to school. This has health benefits, encourages road safety awareness and cuts car use.

Cars should not be driven into the school, but parked outside the school grounds in a safe and considerate manner. Parking spaces in the car park are for disabled drivers, staff and visitors only. Please do not park in Rainham Road as local residents have found it impossible to get out of their street in an emergency.

We encourage children to cycle to school, but would like all cyclists to wear a helmet. Cyclists must dismount at the gates and behave as pedestrians, pushing their bikes. Scooters and skates must not be used in the playground.

Dogs are not allowed on the school site.

The school has a no-smoking policy, which extends to include no smoking within the grounds.

School Meals

The school offers a cooked meals service at a cost of £2.10 per day, payable weekly, monthly or termly in advance. These are booked through our parentpay website irrespective of whether you pay for them or not.

All children in Reception and Years One and Two are entitled to free school meals from September 2014.

Children may also bring a packed lunch. Our school promotes healthy eating so please do not include sweets or chocolate, as part of your child's packed lunch. Should you feel that your child is entitled to free school meals please contact the school for an application form. From 1st April 2012, to be eligible for free school meals you must be in receipt of either:

  • - Income Support
  • - Income-based Jobseekers Allowance
  • - NASS Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • - Child Tax Credit (provided they are not entitled to Working Tax Credit) and have an annual taxable income of less than £16,190
  • - The Guarantee element of State Pension Credit
  • - An Income - related Employment and Support Allowance (this benefit was introduced Oct 2008)


Children under 5 and those entitled to free school meals will receive free milk. Your child will automatically be registered for this unless you inform the school otherwise. If you wish to order milk through the cool-milk scheme for children over five, this can be done through the coolmilk website. Alternatively, children may bring a mid-morning drink of water, providing it is in a leak-proof container which children can manage to drink from without adult help. Drinking fountains for water are available in the school.

Mid Morning Snack

You may have heard about the Government's School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme. Under the scheme, each child aged four to six in Local Authority maintained schools is entitled to receive a free piece of fruit or vegetable each school day. We are delighted that our school is able to participate in this exciting scheme, which reinforces our commitment to healthy eating.

Breakfast Club

The school runs a term time breakfast club, Monday to Friday 8.00am until 8.50am. The cost is £3.15 per child per morning. The club is booked and paid for a week in advance. As numbers are limited refunds cannot be given for sickness or missed sessions.

After School Childcare

The school runs a term time after school club Monday to Friday 3.15pm to 5.30pm. The cost is £8.40 per child per day. The club is booked and paid a week in advance. As numbers are limited refunds cannot be given for sickness or missed sessions.

School Health Service

The school nurse visits occasionally, to carry out routine health inspections, checking height and weight in YR and Y6. Should any problem be revealed, parents will be informed and advised to seek further assistance from their family doctor.

Minor accidents, such as bumps and grazes, are treated at school, mainly with gauze, water and sympathy. We do have many staff on site with first aid training. Where accidents occur, you should receive a slip at the end of the day with your child. In the case of accidents of a more serious nature, or illness occurring at school, we will inform you immediately.

Peronal Possessions

Please mark all items clearly with your child's name in a permanent way. Children should not bring any precious or valuable "treasures" or toys to school as we cannot accept responsibility should they be lost or damaged. Jewellery can cause accidents at school and should not be worn. If a child has pierced ears, only studs are safe at school. These must be removed/covered for PE.

Letters to Parents

We do have an emailing system which we find beneficial as letters often go missing between school and home. Please ensure that you are registered with our parentpay service.


Staff are not permitted to give children medicine

If your child has been prescribed medicine then they should not be in school. If the doctor considers them fit enough for school, you must make arrangements with the Headteacher to come in to the school and administer the medicine yourself. Please call at the office and we will fetch your child.

If your child has been sick or had diarrhoea, please keep them at home for 48 hours after the symptoms subside. Infections of this kind spread very quickly where young children are concerned. If your child is receiving medicine for a chronic complaint eg, asthma, please come to make special arrangements with the Headteacher.

We consider it good practice for children who suffer from asthma to carry their own inhaler wherever possible. Individual health care plans, managed by School Health nurses, in consultation with parents, will be put in place for children who need Epi-pens.

Please check your child's head every week for head lice. If you are unlucky enough to find any, please inform the school.

Race Equality

In order that our pupils grow up well equipped for life, it is important to teach a curriculum which will provide pupils with knowledge of different cultures, and which discourages stereotyping of people from different ethnic backgrounds and other forms of prejudice. Some of the ways in which this might be achieved are:-

  • - Making books and poems by authors from different cultures available to pupils.
  • - Including different historical perspectives and the stories of people in history from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds in lessons.
  • - Looking at different religions and cultures in Collective Worship and religious education.

The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 requires that all schools have a Policy on Race Relations in place. We would be happy to hear the views of parents, or any other members of the community, with regard to how we can best encourage familiarity and respect for different cultures.

Safeguarding Procedures

Our first priority is your child's welfare and therefore there may be occasions when our concern about your child means that we have to consult other agencies before we contact you. The guidance we follow has been laid down by the South West Safeguarding Procedures. If you want to know more about this, please speak to the Headteacher, who is the safeguarding co-ordinator or her deputies in her absence.

School Uniform

School uniform is not compulsory but we encourage children to wear our school colours of green, gold and grey. Green sweaters, cardigans or sweatshirts and polo shirts with grey trousers or skirts are ideal for active children to work in at school. The style of clothing may reflect the family's preference but extremes of fashion are not acceptable or appropriate for school. Fleeces are only for outdoor wear. Sweatshirts, in particular, must be named as these are the garments shed - and lost - most often! School uniform can be purchased from the Famous Schoolwear Branches Centre, which is situated in Sanford Street, Swindon.

We can purchase green hoodies for outdoor PE or school events. These can be ordered through the school office for a current cost of £14.00

Shoes need to be dark in colour and suitable and safe for active wear around school. Again, the extremes of fashion footwear in both colour, design and heel height, whilst fine for recreational wear, are not appropriate for school. Nail varnish and jewellery are not appropriate for school. Some children have pierced ears but, from a safety point of view, only studs are acceptable earrings for school.

Second hand school uniform can be purchased from Mrs Hone (contact details on school website).


Children are not, and never have been, covered by insurance whilst at school. We only take out insurance when taking children on residential educational visits. Parents who wish to insure their child against the risk of personal accident at, or on the way to and from the school, should make their own arrangements with their insurance broker.

Bridlewood Parent/Teachers Association

The school is well-supported by the Bridlewood PTA. Their purpose is to help support the school by enriching the school and its pupils' environment. In addition to organising social and fundraising events, Bridlewood PTA contribute to school life in many ways. Recent purchases include: iPads and Apple TV, tyre trail and musical instruments. This year the PTA are raising money to improve the outside environment. They have also organised fair trade baking with each class, Mother's and Father's Day craft events and an Easter Egg hunt.

Fairtrade at Bridlewood

At Bridlewood we believe that Fairtrade is an important matter. Fairtrade is important because it gives farmers in developing countries a better deal. We are trying to get Bridlewood pupils and parents to become more aware of Fairtrade and how it helps. We have set up a Fairtrade school steering group and there is one person from each class from Year 1 upwards. In 2012 Bridlewood were the first Primary School in Swindon to be awarded the Fairtrade status