Safeguarding & e-Safety

As we build our content for this section we will add useful information and guides for parents and children. Here are 2 useful guides which talk about Child Sexual Exploitation.

Child Sexual Exploitation - Parent's Guide

Child Sexual Exploitation - Children's Guide



Here are some excellent articles to help you understand what it means to be safe on line. Also, there are articles that talk about social media trends. You can view the full site at:

Presentation from Wiltshire Police

If you missed the recent presentation from Wiltshire police then you can view it here. It contains lots of useful information about how to keep your children safe online. well as these useful links to the videos mentioned inside the presentation

Coffee Shop Social Engineering

Additional Resources

Useful Documents and Guides

Simple conversations to help keep your child safe - Talk Pants & Stay Safe

A parents’ guide to being Share Aware - Helping you to keep your child safe online

Useful weblinks

Think U Know
E-Safety Kit
Safer Internet

How to set protection on your Social Media Apps

Your Child and the Internet

Are you worried about your child and the internet? Here's some advice from Parent Link. It will only take couple of minutes to watch. Watch it here