Curriculum - International, French and EAL

Please take a look at the French Curriculum Rationale


In an ever increasing global and multicultural society, we feel it is vital to assist children in developing awareness of the world around them. Cross curricular links are made to other countries and their culture through our topics. For example, year 4 children learn about modern day Rome during their Romans topic. Year 3 children learn about modern day Egypt through their Egyptians topic.


Bridlewood believes that the learning of a foreign language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for the pupils. Therefore we have chosen to introduce the teaching of French in year two. Pupils develop communication and literacy skills that lay the foundation for future language learning and develop these throughout the rest of their Primary Education at Bridlewood. At Bridlewood, we follow a scheme of work whereby each phase aims to build gradually upon what children have already learnt and combine the learning of a language with cultural awareness through a variety of activities and contexts, such as games, interactive activities and songs.

EAL (English as an additional Language)

At Bridlewood Primary School, we are extremely lucky to welcome children from a wide range of cultures and ethnic backgrounds! The children who attend, bring with them a range of experiences which as a whole school we value, share and celebrate together. Each year, we celebrate European Languages Day and offer the children opportunity to learn and discover all about the culture of countries in Europe. Typically, the children have chance to sample the national food, learn about their traditions and the language.

To support the development of English as an additional language, children have the opportunity to attend support groups after school, which enables them to access the curriculum and keep up with their peers.