Curriculum - English

Please take a look at the English Curriculum Rationale

Every day, we teach reading and writing in varied and lively ways, as well as promoting reading and writing in all subjects.


We use book ‘bands’ to enable a clear progression in reading through the use of a variety of quality reading texts. We use a range of books from a variety of schemes that incorporates different genres and text types.


We teach children to write through quality language acquisition and development, through spoken language, reading and writing. In addition, children are taught spelling, vocabulary, punctuation and grammar. We use cursive handwriting across the school.


We teach phonics using a variety of schemes including ‘phonicsplay’, ‘spelling play’ and ‘letters and sounds’ using a range of strategies and multisensory techniques. This is continued throughout the school as necessary. Spelling is taught throughout the school focussing on spelling rules and conventions as outlined in the national curriculum.

For further details on curriculum skills coverage and age related expectations, please click here to view the national curriculum. English can be found on page 13.

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